August 25th 2022, Hydroplane Participates in Road to Zero Day in Richmond, California


Hydroplane Participates in Road to Zero Day in Richmond, California

LOS ANGELES – California aviation hydrogen powerplant designer Hydroplane is participating in the Bay Area’s Road to Zero Day today, August 25 at The Craneway Pavilion in Richmond, California. Focused on alternative fuel technologies, the Road to Zero Day brings together energy transition experts, regional businesses, government representatives, and community leaders to showcase cutting-edge alternative fuel technologies.

In addition to exhibiting alongside her rocket scientist team in Hydroplane’s booth at the event, Hydroplane founder Dr. Anita Sengupta will participate in a panel of hydrogen fuel leaders at 1:15 p.m. PT titled “Helping Meet California’s Climate Ambitions with Hydrogen.”

Joining Sengupta in the booth is University of California CITRUS Program summer intern Kayla Cunningham, a student at UC Davis. She has spent her internship sizing a liquid hydrogen fueling station for airports. The UC CITRUS and Banatao Institute is a research center focused on supporting the interdisciplinary development of cutting-edge technologies, applications, and policies to generate social and economic benefits for everyone.

Hydroplane is developing a modular 200-kW (270 hp) hydrogen fuel cell powerplant for the general aviation, regional transportation, disaster relief, and urban air mobility markets. The sustainable aviation company’s novel electric propulsion powerplant, funded by the U.S. Air Force’s prestigious Agility Prime Program and led by space program veterans, will replace combustion-piston driven engines in currently certified, experimental, and future aircraft.

Hydroplane’s novel powerplant is specifically designed for single engine aviation as it is lightweight with a compact form factor, highly durable, and emits only water. The powerplant also provides a significant increase in endurance over battery-powered alternatives. Hydroplane is on track to fly its demonstrator aircraft in 2023.

Road to Zero Day is hosted by Chevron, California Fuel Cell Partnership, the City of Richmond Mayor’s Office and other partners.

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About Hydroplane
Founded by former NASA engineer Dr. Anita Sengupta, Hydroplane Ltd. is minority woman-owned small business focused on eliminating aviation carbon emissions. Sengupta’s team of space program-trained engineers are developing a modular hydrogen fuel cell powerplant for a range of aircraft and mobile energy storage applications. Hydroplane is a winner of two U.S. Air Force Agility Prime contracts to develop the novel technology for a range of government and commercial aviation uses.


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